Top 10 Games Played in 2019 (10-6)

It’s that time of year again!

Time to look back at 2019 and see what games I played this year and which ones I definitely want to play again. Also, which ones can be left by the side of the road looking all forlorn because they just aren’t that good.

I had a pretty good year in 2019. I played 107 games 192 times (not each!). Of those 107 games, 63 were new to me, which was a lot of fun. I always love learning new games (and I like to keep my cult members happy).

Surprisingly, I played the exact same number of games (107) in 2018 but 67 of them were new (and I had 201 plays).

Smash Up was my number one game played with 16 plays, followed by 11 plays of Space Base (both of them are work lunchtime game staples, so it’s not surprising).

My most amazing feat, however, was getting Eldritch Horror to the table a whopping 5 times! That includes 4 times in the last two months of the year.

Of course, there are side effects to that.

On Fire

But we endure!

So let’s see what the top 10 games that I played this year are. There may be a few surprises based on last year’s rankings.

I’m nothing if not Walt Whitman.

Please note that this is not the Top 10 games of 2019. I actually did a count, and I only played 20 games published in 2019. Thus, half of them would be on that list if I did that.

No, these are the Top 10 games that I played in 2019.

This post will be broken into two parts, so here are numbers 6-10! (The Top 5 will post on Wednesday)

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Terraforming Mars: Turmoil on Kickstarter now!

Judging from my blog traffic in the last couple of days, you’d think there is something pretty cool coming out on Kickstarter today.

I couldn’t imagine what it might be.

What’s that? Check my email?

Oh yeah!


Terraforming Mars: Turmoil just dropped on the crowdfunding platform this morning!

It’s designed by Jacob Fryxelius with art by Isaac Fryxelius and published by Stronghold Games in North America.

I know people were holding their breath to see how it would do when it arrived, and they needn’t have worried about passing out. I’m sure they hit the target in probably 30 seconds or so. As I write this, it’s currently at $181,000 of the $20,000 goal, probably about 3-4 hours after landing.

I think people kind of want this expansion.

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More Terraforming Mars: Turmoil Information Released

Over the last couple of days, my traffic log is telling me that a lot of you are looking for more information on Terraforming Mars: Turmoil and its imminent arrival on Kickstarter.

Well, you came to the right place!

Today I have seen two fairly detailed pieces of information that will make you terraforming fans giggle with glee!

Or, you know, grumble that the game is just getting too bloated and all of that stuff.

For me, I’m intrigued, but still want to see things in action.

The first is a preview video from Man vs Meeple that just posted yesterday.

First, it confirms that the Kickstarter is coming on April 16! That’s, like, really soon now.

Secondly, it confirms what many people have been asking about: five new player boards. No indication of what they will look like or if they’ll be more useful than the paper ones that came with the original game, but the fact that they’re doing it is great!

Doesn’t sound like any other upgraded components, but that could be still kept under wraps.

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Terraforming Mars: Turmoil Coming… to Kickstarter?

(Edit: 3/14/19) – While Stephen Buonocore hasn’t responded to my email yet, Enoch Fryxelius (one of the other Fryxelius brothers, I assume?) did respond to the thread on BGG about this with the following information:

“Let me first of all confirm that TM:Turmoil will be run as a Kick-starter first, and then available later through normal retail.

The KS backers will have the benefit of receiving Turmoil before everyone else, and also enjoy some exclusive extra material, that we will present later. But it’s really good stuff!

Why Kick-starter?
When Indie merged with Stronghold, they brought with them long experience of launching games successfully on KS. At first, we saw KS as an opportunity to launch our future big games Angels&Demons and Fate (probably 2020 and 2021), because they are miniature games with a lot of components. But we then decided that it would be good for us to start with a smaller project, to get some experience on doing KS together, before going big.

FryxGames has very limited experience from KS (except a failed KS on our war-game Fleets), and as game designers we need to look at different ways of promoting and selling our games. As some of you might know, it’s actually hard to make money on designing and developing games. The market for boardgames grows, but the number of games on the market grows even faster, and there is fierce competition. This means that money is made by selling games – not making games! KS offers a way to make direct sales, which could help us (the designers) make the same profit that the distributors and retailers make, instead of the very low revenue per unit gained when selling to distribution. And don’t forget, KS means that a portion of the funding is lost in taxes, administration, KS fees, and shipping arrangements – everyone wants their piece of the cake.

So we will try this and evaluate it. I think the boardgame market will continue to be a mix of KS and retail – I hope that the FLGS will find a way to co-exist, and even prosper in these new times.”

So there you have it. It’s official, and there will be some exclusive extra material for the Kickstarter backers.

What will it be? Will it still be an Essen retail release, or an Essen Kickstarter pickup?

We have a month or two before we find out.

Stay tuned!

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As an acknowledged Terraforming Mars fan, I always follow with interest stories about upcoming expansions.


The upcoming expansion, Terraforming Mars: Turmoil has been talked about on BGG for a few months now and everybody sounds kind of excited.

This expansion will add new projects, some new corporations, and Global Events that you have to prepare for!

Weird and wild stuff.

Then, last week, I saw this on Twitter.


Coming to Kickstarter in April/May? Not just coming out in October for Essen like so many of the other expansions?

What has gotten into Stronghold Games?

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Top 25 Games Played of All Time (10-6)

We’ve now entered the Top 10 Zone (it’s nowhere near as scary as the Friend Zone)

That’s right, the Top 10 Games I’ve Played of All Time (capitalization is very important here).

These are some amazing games, and if you follow me on Twitter (and if you’re not, why aren’t you?), you’ll probably see many references to them.

Please keep in mind the usual caveat that I haven’t played every game out there (I think Tom Vasel has probably played more games in a month than I’ve ever played).

So don’t be giving me any guff that your favourite game didn’t even rate a mention. I probably haven’t played it yet (or maybe you just don’t have taste…I mean maybe we don’t have the same taste) (Editor – nice save there)

Still have a beef?

Come at me

And on that note (really, I’m not a violent person), here we go!

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New to Me – December 2018

I’m back!

It’s been a long month at Dude Central, and thank you everyone for the good wishes, the patience, and the condolences. December was a pretty bad month in general, with me generally not being in the mood to play games (or write blog posts either).


Shocker, I know!

That really plays havoc with the Cult of the New to Me and could have actually sparked a rebellion.


Thankfully, all of the cult members overdosed on sugar cookies and passed out for the entire month (Some people really know how to bake, like my sister-in-law).

So thankfully, my position is secure. While I played no new games in December, I did get to play three new expansions.

So without further adieu (all of my adieu was hijacked from a colony trade ship as it was headed to Pluto anyway), let’s take a look at those expansions!

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Terraforming Mars: Colonies – Card Previews

What better way to get back into the “hey, this blog isn’t just about reviews” mode than to talk about a new expansion for one of my favourite games?

Terraforming Mars (published by Stronghold Games) easily made my Top 5 games played in 2017 list as it’s just so amazing. I can see why some people don’t like it (the production values aren’t the greatest, it can get long sometimes, etc), but I love it to death.

Each expansion has added interesting elements to the game, and Terraforming Mars: Colonies looks to be doing even more of that when it comes out later this year.

And FryxGames has been doing their job to increase the hype:

In the Colonies expansion, players will be moving beyond Mars and trading with (or establishing) colonies on and around some of the outer planets in the solar system.

This expansion has me so excited.

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