Where are the Best Games Played in 2018?

As promised in my “Taking a hiatus” post right before Christmas, I was planning on doing a Top 10 games played in 2018 as well as a list of top games played of all time.

I wasn’t sure how many “Top games of all time” I was going to include in my post, and I’ve since decided to make it a nice Top 25. Out of 295 games played, I think 25 is a good round number.

A funny thing happened after I ranked all of my games, however (thanks so much to Pubmeeple for having a game ranking engine that works great!).

After looking at my list, I realized that the Top 10 Games played in 2018 were also the Top 10 Games played of all time (spoiler!!!).

Why post a duplicate list?

So, over the next week or two, I will be posting the Top 25. Once I’ve posted 10-1, I will link to it here. Those are also the best games played in 2018.

However, since I don’t want to have a nothing post where I go “ha! Made you click!” (clickbait is not in my vocabulary), how about I instead tell you the best new to me game played in 2018 and the worst?



Easily the best new to me game played in 2018 is Architects of the West Kingdom, designed by Shem Phillips and S.J. Macdonald with art by The Mico.

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War of the Worlds: The New Wave – on Kickstarter

While I have never read the actual H.G. Wells book, I am a big fan of the War of the Worlds concept. I watched the original movie a *long* time ago. The Tom Cruise movie was pretty cool, I’m probably one of the few fans of the 1988-90 TV series that starred Jared Martin (who?) and Lynda Mason Green (WHO?).

The other day I stumbled upon something on Twitter that made me sit up and take notice, though.

Grey Fox Games announced that War of the Worlds: the New Wave (designed by Denis Plastinin with artwork by Igor Savchenko) was on Kickstarter now.


It’s an asymmetrical deck-building 2-player game, which really made me perk up and go “huh????”

This game is based on the book, not the movie (or even the series, which I think is seriously underrated).

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Suburbia – Collector’s Edition Now Live on Kickstarter

Last week, I announced (along with probably every boardgame news and blog outlet out there, but I like to think I broke the story) (Editor – Indulge him. It can only help) that the Suburbia – Collector’s Edition was coming to Kickstarter.

Today’s the day!

The Collector’s Edition, designed by Ted Alspach and published by Bezier Games, is now live and there are a few more pictures to show you as well.


There are a lot more details to give you too.

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Review – Mephisto

Are you somebody who would like to make a deal with a very scary demon in order to gain the ultimate power in the universe?

If you are, please forget that you know me.

However, if you would like to pretend that you are one of those people, have I got the game for you.

Quick 2-player card games are becoming quite interesting to me because I have co-workers who love to play games at lunch.


Mephisto, designed by Dylan Mangini with art by him as well, meets that need to a tee. Not only is it a quick 2-player card game, but it’s actually a good one as well.

That always helps.

In Mephisto, you and your opponent have made a deal with…well…Mephisto to gain ultimate power.

But you can’t both get that kind of power, can you?

Hence the struggle for supremacy and to please Mephisto by giving him monster souls.

Mephisto will be coming to Kickstarter on January 15, 2019.

Dylan graciously sent me a copy of the game. While the artwork is final, the card quality is still not finalized and may be upgraded based on stretch goals, so I won’t be commenting on that aspect of the game.

Let’s see how it plays. 

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Suburbia Collectors Edition Coming to Kickstarter on January 14

Suburbia was one of my first board game purchases when I came back to the hobby many years ago. It’s still one of my favourite games.

Designed by Ted Alspach, this is a tile-laying game where each player is trying to build the most populace city borough (i.e. get the most victory points). The game is best known for how the various tiles and their colours interact with each other, both positively and negatively.

It’s long been a popular game, but one of the knocks against it has been the rather plain graphic design (not to mention the 5-Star expansion, the less said about the better, though obviously Ted disagrees.).

Was that the main reason you didn’t pick it up?

If so, have I got news for you.



The Suburbia: Collector’s Edition is coming to Kickstarter on January 14, with a projected release date of October 2019.

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New to Me – December 2018

I’m back!

It’s been a long month at Dude Central, and thank you everyone for the good wishes, the patience, and the condolences. December was a pretty bad month in general, with me generally not being in the mood to play games (or write blog posts either).


Shocker, I know!

That really plays havoc with the Cult of the New to Me and could have actually sparked a rebellion.


Thankfully, all of the cult members overdosed on sugar cookies and passed out for the entire month (Some people really know how to bake, like my sister-in-law).

So thankfully, my position is secure. While I played no new games in December, I did get to play three new expansions.

So without further adieu (all of my adieu was hijacked from a colony trade ship as it was headed to Pluto anyway), let’s take a look at those expansions!

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On Hiatus for a Few Weeks

Hey, everybody

Just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas if you celebrate it, or a wonderful holiday season of whatever sort you celebrate.

Christmas Tree

I also have a bit of blog news that I want to alert you to as well.

I’m going to be taking a bit of a hiatus from the blog over the next 2-4 weeks.

I know what you’re thinking. “Dave, you’ve been missing for weeks at a time anyway. Why are you telling us now?”

First, the wonderful Clio has sent some readers my way and I don’t want them to think that this blog is actually dead.

Secondly, while previous long-term disappearances have been more from lack of motivation and a bit of mental health issue (“I’ll do a post tomorrow” for days and then weeks on end), this one I know is coming.

I just have way too much occupying my mind right now, and I know I won’t be in a place to write. And I probably won’t have time either.

How long will it be?

I’m hoping just 2 more weeks. It could be 3 or even 4, though.

However, there is some stuff coming that I’m really excited about and hopefully you’ll be patient with me.

First, the monthly “New to Me” post for December will be coming, though it will be late.

Secondly, it’s the end of the year. You know what that means. Top 10 Games Played in 2018! If you want to see what those posts are like, here are the three posts from last year.

Top 10 Games Played in 2017 (10-6)

Top 10 Games Played in 2017 (5-1)

Top 10 Games Played in 2017 (Honourable Mentions)

What else do I have coming?

I have recently hit 300 games where I’ve recorded at least one play.

So I thought it would be neat to do a Top 50 Games Played By Me list as well.

That’s going to be some work, so may come a little later in January/February, but it is coming.

In the meantime, have a great holiday, keep playing great games, and hug your family (whatever you classify as family).

Do it while you can.

All the best to you in the new year.

RIP, Dad (1936-2018)