Review – Imhotep

I really seem to have an affinity for Ancient Egypt. I’ve played around with burying things and trying to earn the regard of the Pharaoh. But now I want to become an architect! It’s always been my dream, since I couldn’t become a lumberjack.

Yes, I can work Monty Python into anything

What better place to be an architect than Ancient Egypt?

In Imhotep, players are architects vying to build the most prestigious buildings and monuments in that desert area. They do this by getting stones, loading them on ships, and then shipping them to one of the five different sites where they can offload them.

Let’s see how this works.

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Renegade & Garphill Move on From Vikings

As a huge fan of the Renegade Games and Garphill Games production of Raiders of the North Sea (I haven’t played the other two in the series, Shipwrights of the North Sea and Explorers of the North Sea), I was really excited to see today’s press release of a new game.

Designer Shem Phillips, along with first-time designer S J McDonald, has moved on from the Vikings. I guess maybe he felt like he’d done enough with them?

Apparently he’s moving on to Carolingian history instead of North Sea. Today’s announcement was for a really interesting-looking game, Architects of the West Kingdom.


Another series of games?

Maybe. Which has this History buff going nuts.


I’ll try and calm down.

(Looking at the Architects page, it does look like this is a new trilogy)

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Werewolves Join the Legacy Movement

Bezier Games is really killing it recently, and they have yet another announcement today.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy is designed by Ted Alspach and Rob Daviau, and it’s going to be coming out around GenCon this year. It’s another permutation of the Werewolf franchise.

Werewolf Legacy

What is the legacy element?

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One Year Blogging & Many People Met

Today is the one-year anniversary of my first post here at Dude, Take Your Turn.

Look what the interns made me!

It’s been really fulfilling talking about one of my biggest (not involving people) loves: board games. Bringing content to you and meeting some really awesome people.

I’m proud of this blog; I’m proud of how I’ve stuck to it even though there have been long lags in between postings. There have been times where I wondered if it was even worth it to keep going. Who’s going to actually read and enjoy this crap?

What do I have to say that’s worth anything? Especially when there are so many other board game content creators out there doing such wonderful stuff already. What can I bring to this already crowded field?

That’s a constant nagging presence in my mind, and it’s one that I fight every time I think to post something. When life gets busy in the offline world, it’s feelings like those which make it hard to actually carve out the time and inclination to post.

But I’ve kept at it, and now it’s been a year and 136 posts.

I thought, as part of the celebration, I would talk about a few of the wonderful people I’ve met on this blogging journey. None of them have I met personally, but they’ve all been inspirations to me in one way or another, and they have all informed this blog in some way, either in style or content, or just picking me up when I feel that ennui that I sometimes get, feeling like I should be doing more but just not feeling up to it.

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Through the Ages Coming to Steam!

One of the most asked questions out there is “What’s the meaning of life?”

While Czech Games Edition doesn’t have the answer to that question, they do have the answer to the second-most asked question: Is Through the Ages ever going to come to Steam?

The answer is yes, on March 26.

Steam - TtA

This brilliant adaptation of the civilization building game has been a staple on my iPad since it came out last year (Editor’s Note: hey, dingus, maybe you should write a review of it?).

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Asmodee Adds Terraforming to its Repertoire

Today was going to be a day off at Take Your Turn Central (my recently renovated headquarters), but what did I see when I checked my inbox?

A message from Asmodee Digital answering a question that had been going through my mind since the news last year that they were going to be releasing the award-winning (and dare I say it in my best Valley Girl voice, totally awesome) Terraforming Mars.

What was that question?

Was this going to be a Steam-only release or would we mobile players get a chance to change the Martian landscape?


Yes, Asmodee will be releasing Terraforming Mars for iOS and Android devices as well as Steam.

I can neither confirm nor deny that this was me.

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AuZtralia now live on Kickstarter

Guess what else just arrived on Kickstarter?

(I’ll refrain from the same joke I used in yesterday’s Werewords post).

You may remember me gushing about the idea of AuZtralia, designed by Martin Wallace. It’s the spiritual sequel to his brilliant game, A Study in Emerald.

Now it’s arrived on Kickstarter, and it was an insta-back for me (I’d been clamoring to my friends about it since it was first announced, so how could I not?)


AuZtralia is a game of adventure and exploration in an alternate 1930s. The thousand-year reign of Cthulhu and the Old Ones is now over, and humanity is beginning to explore the world again.

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