Through the Ages expands through even more ages!

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization, developed by Czech Games Edition for most digital platforms, is widely considered to be one of the best digital board game app out there. I have to say it’s one of my favourites as it’s almost flawless (yes, my review of it is, oh, two years or so late. So sue me).

CGE is not sitting on their laurels, though.

News arrived this week (Editor – Late to the party again, eh?) that the expansion to this wonderful game, Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders, would be released on digital platforms and actually before the tabletop version!

According to CGE, the digital release of the expansion will hit all platforms (Google, iOS, and Steam) on September 12 with the price of $4.99 US (what, no Steam increase? That’s cool).

Tabletop gamers shouldn’t worry, though, as it will be released for that version a couple of months later for the nice price of $24.95.

This expansion is going to include a bunch of (Editor – Duh) new leaders and wonders that will give players a lot more options.

Stonehenge (taken from the trailer, posted below), for example, is a new wonder that will give you science equal to the cost for each level of it that you build. That is seriously cool!

There’s also going to be a bunch of new military cards that you can seed into the Event deck (or aggressions you can inflict on your opponents), so the possibilities will be endless!

Ok, not endless, but pretty damned variable!

Not much else has been said about it, but here’s the trailer. It looks very cool and will be a first day digital purchase for me.

Join me and try to build your civilization up enough to master all others in this great game.

And maybe you could hit me up for a game?

The wait for September just got longer…


Boardgame Apps – Asynchronous Play Revisited

I’m a big fan of boardgame apps, either on mobile or on Steam. I love being able to play Ascension with buddies from all over the country and the world.

For the most part, to do that requires asynchronous online multiplayer because it is almost impossible to coordinate schedules with friends when time zones are involved. This is especially true with longer, more complicated games. (For those of you who don’t know, “asynchronous multiplayer” basically means that you log into the game, take your turn, and then leave again. Your opponent(s) can take their turn at their convenience, though most of the time there are timers involved to make sure they don’t disappear).

While my stance hasn’t changed on that requirement in a good boardgame app, it has become a bit more nuanced.

Morels - Night mushroom

I recently reviewed the great new card game app Morels by Mossbark Games and complimented them on including async multiplayer in the game.

After that, Dave over at the illustrious Stately Play site posted his review. (ha! First!)

In it, he said the following:

“I find that the game is far less rewarding when playing asynchronously than in real time. The short turns combined with long waits deadens a bit of the joy, but if you can manage to both log on together (with a friend at, I don’t know, your kid’s holiday concert) and play in real time, I guarantee you won’t only play once.”

A minor discussion ensued on the discussion board, and it made me think.

Should I adjust my thinking on asynchronous play?

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Through the Ages Coming to Steam!

One of the most asked questions out there is “What’s the meaning of life?”

While Czech Games Edition doesn’t have the answer to that question, they do have the answer to the second-most asked question: Is Through the Ages ever going to come to Steam?

The answer is yes, on March 26.

Steam - TtA

This brilliant adaptation of the civilization building game has been a staple on my iPad since it came out last year (Editor’s Note: hey, dingus, maybe you should write a review of it?).

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Through the Ages App Finally Released!

And there was much rejoicing.

Yes, the anxiously awaited Through the Ages: a New Story of Civilization app has finally been released on iOS and Android, with Steam coming at a later date.

This deep and wonderful card-based civilization game by Czech Games Edition has long been a favourite of the boardgame community, being #1 for quite a while on Boardgame Geek. The app version was started by a different company many years ago, and gamers honestly began to believe it was vaporware until CGE took the reins back and promised to make it good.

When the original board game was going to be tweaked and turned into the “New Story of Civilization,” they said that the app was going to have to be reworked to reflect this.

And yesterday it came out.

It is real.

And it is marvelous.

(Oh, already used that joke. Sorry)

And beautiful!

Through the Ages title screen
There’s my online name! Hit me up for a game if you like.

This is going to be a first impressions post, as I haven’t had the chance to play any full games on it, though I have run through the marvelous tutorial. Continue reading “Through the Ages App Finally Released!”

Through the Ages on mobile? And it looks marvelous

I am a forum regular over on the Stately Play web site. It’s my go-to site for mobile gaming news. You should check it out! It has been the source for a few of my app posts here on Dude! Take Your Turn!

I may have to change my opinion about them, however, out of sheer jealousy.

Dave Neumann, one of the editors over there, has had access to the beta version of the upcoming mobile app for Through the Ages, and it looks glorious.

Through the Ages is a wonderful civilization building game that consists of nothing but cards. And guess what? Cards look great on your phone or tablet!

Tta Shot 1

(Since we have the same first name, I can look at this shot and pretend that it’s me enjoying this instead of him…*jealous sigh*)

Seriously, given the screen shots in Dave’s article (the one here is just an example, as they are all breath-taking), this game will blow you away.

Produced by Czech Games Edition, the app has had a long and rocky road to development. People have been referring on Boardgame Geek to the assumed vapor-ware status of the app for it seems like generations (but is probably only 2-3 years).

I’m not in the beta (and I’m really sad about that), but knowing that it is looking this good gives me great hope for it coming out this year sometime.

The beta only has online play right now, so no idea how they’re going to implement the AI.

But at this rate, who really needs AI? Sit down there in the back. I know you want it.

Check out the article for Dave’s experiences with the game. I’m not going to steal his thunder.

I’m just going to wait here in jealous anticipation as my iTunes wallet starts to cry.