New to Me – January 2020 (Part 2)

Whew! I’m finally awake again after finishing last week’s Part 1 of my “New to Me Games – January” post.

That really took a lot out of me. It’s been a week and I’m just now recovering!

Excuse me while I hop on my Peloton and limber up for today’s posting.

Peloton high rise
Yes, I live that high up! (And if you want to see a hilarious parody Twitter thread of the Peloton ads, check them out here (where I got this picture from, though no idea where he got it)

My fellow Cult of the New to Me members are very happy after seeing today’s post. There’s a game from 2009 in there! And 2016! Of course, there are a few too many 2019 games on there so there was a little grumbling.

I may have to do something for them for Valentine’s Day.

So, without further adieu (all of my adieu was sold for a tomato at a Chinese market anyway), let’s begin!

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New to Me – April 2019

You know what?

I rock.

Yes, I do. Not only did I manage to get five new to me games played in April when I only was able to play eight in total, but two of those five games are more than ten years old, and one is almost ten years old! (Who cares that all three of them were reprints and I played the most recent editions. Ssshhhhh!!!!!!)

Yes, that just reinforces that being in the Cult of the New to Me is much better than Cult of the New.

I should make t-shirts.

Anyway, things have been pretty good in the cult recently. There haven’t been any rebellions at all. It’s actually been very quiet.

That could be because they’ve been trying so hard to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers, though, they’re too busy to think rebellious thoughts.

America's Ass

Some people have said that I have America’s ass. Let’s hope that’s enough to keep them in line next month!

So, without further adieu (all of my adieu was lost in the Apocalypse anyway), let’s get started!

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Review – Embark

I’ve always been an explorer at heart, ready to ride the waves and discover new adventures, new lands, maybe meet a few new people.

(Editor – Reading all of your reviews, you’ve had a lot of unfulfilled ambitions)

While I was never able to really do that (I get seasick in the bathtub), Embark sort of gives me that same feeling. Except, you know, you’re sending people instead of doing it yourself (which I would probably be better at anyway).


What is Embark? It is a 2-5 player game designed by Phillip duBarry with art by Robert Gonzales and Matt Paquette. It’s published by Tasty Minstrel Games and came out in 2018.

In the game, a number of islands have magically appeared and each player is sending out a number of voyagers to explore them, mine them, and set up homes there. This is done through a rather interesting hidden allocation system, where you will secretly decide which ships you want your cubes (voyagers) to be on.

But you won’t necessarily get everything that you want. There are other players who want to get in your way, you know.

How does it work?

Let’s take a look.

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New to Me – February 2019

February didn’t feel like it was going to be a good month for new to me games, mainly because I was horribly ill during one weekend and missed a game day.

Thankfully, the other days had a good variety of new games as well as some older classics and I was able to get a sizeable post done.

So sizeable that it’s almost a week late!

I don’t think the minions cult members are liking that.

They’re also not liking that over half of them were published last year.

The Cult of the New to Me can’t have that!

In my defense, the other two are 2016 games, which is considered ancient by this point.




I don’t hear anything.

I may have to rethink their sedative doses.

But that’s beside the point.

Without further adieu (all of my adieu was thrown through a stained glass window and washed away in the nearby river anyway), let’s begin!

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New to Me – January 2019

Damn, I hate colds. Colds that work their way into your head and then just sit there, clogging up your sinuses until your head feels bigger than when you get a compliment from somebody you really admire.

But not in a good way.

The cold I’m currently suffering from almost made this post late, but thankfully I do most of these as I play the games, so there wasn’t as much to do this time around.

Conventions always make them a bit harder too, because I tend to get a lot of new games played at them.

So it’s a catch-22, as I get the joy of playing and discovering new games.

But then I have to write about them.

Not that I’m complaining! I love sharing these experiences with you.

Almost as much as I love my fellow Cult of the New to Me members, who have all taken pity on me because I’ve been sick.

In other words, there haven’t been any rebellions.

Instead, they’ve been bringing me hot toddies.

Hot Toddies

My food taster has had his fill of bourbon by this point.

So, without further adieu (all of my adieu was sold by my underling to somebody in Birmingham anyway), let’s get started!

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Top 25 Games Played of All Time (25-21)

It’s been almost three years in the making, but I almost hit 300 games played since I started recording plays and I thought it would be a great idea to give you what my top 25 games played are.

Thanks to Pub Meeple for the marvelous (if extremely time-consuming) ranking engine! It took 2050 comparisons and about 2 hours of swiping right or left (it’s like Tinder for your boardgame collection if Tinder had a “which person would you rather meet?” comparison function) but I broke them all down.

pub meeple
Spoiler: neither of these games is on the top 25.

Just a note before you get outraged. There are tons and tons of games out there. I’ve played 295 of them (as of the ranking). There are some “classics” that are not on there because I’ve never played them. No Blood Rage or Rising Sun, or even Gloomhaven.

Also keep in mind that many of these I’ve only played once. Thus, subsequent plays may affect how I feel about them. These are not reviews or based on some kind of objective value.

These are just the games that appeal to me the most.

Hopefully you’ll find this list interesting. Let me know what you think or what your rankings are like in the comments!

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New to Me – November 2018

It’s December! And too many days into December for my New to Me Games post for November, so my apologies.

I do have a good reason, though.

The Cult of the New to Me was having a fundraiser, but unfortunately it didn’t go well.

We did manage to raise $10 for the Board Games for Terminally Ill Alpacas fund.

These creatures need board games!

I’m not sure why more people didn’t give. In fact, that $10 is mine. For some reason, people just gave me odd looks before averting their eyes and hurrying by.

But we shall persevere! These poor things shall not want while I’m around.

It did cause me to take time away from writing this post, though.

November didn’t look like it was going to be a busy month, but it steamrolled near the end to a massive seven new games. And most of them were good!

So, without further adieu (all of my adieu was taken by some scumbag architect who sold it at the Black Market for a piece of marble and a piece of wood), let’s get started!

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