Friday Night Shots – Negativity in Response to Reviews

Welcome to the first in what may be a series (or at least a semi-series) of Friday night posts that are at least partially inspired by Canadian Club whiskey (that we tend to drink on Friday nights).

Tonight’s topic is the idea of negativity in response to reviews.

My good friend (well, I consider us good friends, but I am at least an avid reader if nothing else) Dan Thurot recently tweeted about the extreme response he received to his very lukewarm (if not downright negative) review of Jamey Stegmaier’s Tapestry

He tweeted about a thread on Boardgame Geek about his review and the garbage fire that the thread became very quickly.

I’m not going to go into the details of the review or whether or not I disagree with it (though I don’t, for many of the same reasons my friend (actual friend, not just in my  mind) Katanan  mentioned on the BGG review post).

What I want to get into is why people who enjoy a game have to trash almost any negative review that comes out about that game.

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Friday Blog Roundup – 2/14/19

One of the things I like about boardgame blogging is the community that builds up around it.

I have “met” (virtually, for the most part, but not totally) a number of wonderful boardgaming people on Twitter and some on Facebook too. Indeed, somehow this happened in the Board Game Reviewers & Media group on Facebook.

Board Game Reviewers Creator of the Week

I was shocked, and very happy to see it!

Anyway, I was reading a question from one of that group’s members (not identifying him since it is a closed group and I don’t want to overstep my bounds) asking about “curated content” vs “original content” and the “80% curated content/20% original content” general guideline.

While I agree with that on social media (if you’re doing nothing but sending your content along on social media, then you’re pretty much a spammer, or at least not an interactive member of the community), I don’t agree with that as far as blog content goes. If anything, it should be the other way around.

But it did spark a thought in my mind even as I answered his question: am I wasting an opportunity to not only add more content to my blog with posts about other bloggers, but also to promote some of the bloggers that I really enjoy?

Why not make that a regular Friday thing?

So welcome to the first week of a (hopefully) weekly series of favourite blogs that I’ve read this week.

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