App Review – MeteorFall

One of the most highly-acclaimed (except for the artwork, which unfortunately drives some people away) rogue-like deck-building apps is Dream Quest.

For many users, Dream Quest is the epitome of what a deck-building rogue-like game is, and every future game in the genre will be compared to it.

Which brings us to Slothwerks Games latest entry into the genre, Meteorfall.

In Meteorfall, you’ll play one of four characters, each of a different class, who are embarking on a quest to defeat the Uberlich before he can bring down a giant meteor on the land.

Meteorfall Characters
Bruno looks good in pink

To do this, you’ll start with a small deck of cards that you will be playing against the monsters that you will meet in three different territories.

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Review – Smash Up

When you’re sitting down to watch The Walking Dead or some other zombie movie, what’s the first thing that goes through your mind?

No, not “ohhh, ain’t Darryl hot?”

The first thing that goes through my mind is that this show could use a dinosaur or a space alien.

Or maybe a Dumbledore.

For those of us with a similar mindset, Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has us covered, with the hit game (with an ever expanding list of expansions) Smash Up.

Smash Up Box
They all look unhappy with each other.

Designed by Paul Peterson, with artwork by Dave Allsop, Bruno Balixa, Conceptopolis, and Francisco Rico Torres, this 2012 game lets you “smash up” (Ha! I see what you did there) two classic factions into a deck of cards that you will use to stomp your opponents.

The game plays 2-4 players.

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Review – New York Slice

Do you see a pizza dripping with cheese and toppings and start to salivate?

Of course you do.

(I believe that pizza-haters are a myth propagated by Big Diet)

So what game could be more perfect for a lunch-time gaming session than New York Slice?

New York Slice
You can buy the game in 30 minutes or it’s free (Note: this has not been endorsed by Bezier Games)

New York Slice is a game designed by Jeffrey D. Allers with art by Stephanie Gustafsson and John Kaufmann, published in 2017 by Bezier Games.

The game plays 2-6 players.

The game is one of those “I split, you choose” games which I didn’t realize was a thing until I saw this one (though I know that it’s also been used before).

So how does it work?

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Century – Golem Edition (Century review appendix)

Earlier today, I posted a review of Century: Spice Road, the 2017 spice-converting card game by Plan B Games.

A new version of this game has just come out in the past couple of months, called Century: Golem Edition, with art by Justin Chan and Chris Quilliams.

The gameplay is exactly the same between the two games. The only differences are in the aesthetics and the artwork.

Century - Golem cards
Crystals instead of spices. Who would’ve thunk?

In Century: Golem Edition, instead of being medieval spice traders collecting spices to fulfill contracts, you are instead collecting and transforming crystals in order to power golems.

Century - Golems
Cute golems!

Instead of wooden cubes, you have nice plastic crystals instead.


Everything else is the same!

So which version should you get?

Personally, I love the look and feel of the Golem edition. The nice plastic crystals definitely feel better (and are easier to handle) than the small wooden cubes. The artwork is adorable too.

That being said, there are supposedly going to be more games in the “Century” line. I’m not sure what those games are going to be or whether they are going to have similar artwork.

It has been said that there will not be Golem version of those games, so your components may not be aligned when you get future games.

That may not make a difference. It may make a difference but you don’t care.

Either way, if that concerns you, you should definitely get the original version. It’s also not really worth upgrading if you already have the first game (unless you are a loving collector of art and must have the best artwork).

But if you have a choice, I would definitely suggest the Golem version of the game.

What are your thoughts?


Review – Century: Spice Road

Have you ever dreamed of being a trader in the medieval world, trading one type of cube spice for another type, fulfilling contracts by turning in certain types of cubes spices?

Of course you have! Who hasn’t?

(Pipe down, you in the back. You know you’re lying)

With the 2017 game Century: Spice Road you can do that!

Century: Spice Road box
Beautiful box cover!

Century: Spice Road is a 2017 game designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, with art by David Richards and Fernanda Suárez and published by Plan B Games. There’s also Century: Golem Edition that plays the same and has the same designer and publisher, but with art by Justin Chan and Chris Quilliums.

I’m just reviewing the game itself, though I will comment on the component differences in another post.

This review was written after 4 plays.

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Review – The Networks

Do you think you can run a television network better than the morons who thought it would be a good idea to cancel not only the incredible Firefly but also the incredibly underrated Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.?

Briscoe County Jr.
Bruce Campbell is the bomb!


(sorry, that one still hurts)

In Gil Hova’s The Networks (published in 2016 by Hova’s Formal Ferret Games, with art by Heiko Günther and Travis Kinchy), you can! You and up to 4 opponents will vie for viewers by developing shows for your network, landing ads and recruiting stars to try and build your network from a public access channel to one that will command the eyes of every viewer in the world!

Ok, that may be an exaggeration.

Let’s see how the game works briefly.

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App Review – Burgle Bros

You know what they say: the family that steals together, stays together.

I think I’ve heard that, anyway.

Maybe we’ll find out in the app version of the great board game from Tim Fowler, Burgle Bros.

Ok, maybe the characters in the game are not all in the same family, but it would be cool if they were!

Burgle Bros 1
Quite a variety of characters!

In Burgle Bros, you play as 1-4 different characters who are all participating in a heist. Could be a bank heist, or an office heist, or even Fort Nox! I’ve only tried the bank heist, and that’s for one reason:


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