Mystic Vale App Gets Stormy With Mana Storm Expansion

Previously on this blog, you may remember that I have mentioned Nomad Games‘ app version of the classic John D. Clair card-crafting title Mystic Vale. The tabletop game is published by Alderac Entertainment Group.

I sung its praises as a great app, polished and well-done and a fun game to boot.

It just desperately needs asynchronous multiplayer because I haven’t touched it in quite a while for that very reason.

With today’s release of the Mana Storm expansion, the app…still desperately needs asynchronous multiplayer.

But that’s not what this blog is about (though really, Nomad, is it possible to eventually get this? Please?).

No, this is about Mana Storm itself, and what it adds to this already very cool game.


The expansion adds some more advancements and vales to the plethora of choices you already have.

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Viticulture Coming to Digital via Digidiced!

Wow, it’s a busy week for digital boardgame news!

First Through the Ages, and now Viticulture news!

Yes, Digidiced (developers of many great digital apps such as Castles of Burgundy, Patchwork, etc) have announced that they are doing the digital adaptation of the Stonemaier class game Viticulture, the worker placement wine-making game designed by Jamey Stegmaier, Morton Pedersen, and Alan Stone.

I haven’t played this game in 3 years, but it’s not because I don’t like it. It’s just that every time it has come out, I’ve already been involved with something else.

To have it on my iPad will be heavenly!

I’m already tired (another news post is coming in an hour!), so let’s blurb this puppy from the Digidiced web page.

• 1 to 6 players
• Play in single-player with challenging computer opponents, against your friends in local multiplayer, or face players from all over the world in online mode!
• Learn the rules with our Interactive tutorial or even watch games of the top players on your device!
• Take your time in asynchronous game mode with push notifications and never miss a turn.
• Family friendly – non violent theme
• Easy interactive tutorial to learn the game from scratch
• Analyze your best games or learn tricks from the best with playback
• 3 different computer opponents
• uses the newest rules of the board game

Asynchronous online multiplayer play is a must, but Digidiced has already proven that they’re good at that so I have no doubt that it will be done right.

I am so excited about this one.

It’s going to be released on Android, iOS, and Steam, at least for now.

Since everybody’s going to the Switch nowadays, is that in the future?

Who knows?

More news as it comes, but since they didn’t release any pictures, here’s an old one of one of the games I played.

Hopefully the digital edition will have the unruly pile of coins as well!

Are you a Viticulture fan? Looking forward to this?

Let me know in the comments.



Through the Ages expands through even more ages!

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization, developed by Czech Games Edition for most digital platforms, is widely considered to be one of the best digital board game app out there. I have to say it’s one of my favourites as it’s almost flawless (yes, my review of it is, oh, two years or so late. So sue me).

CGE is not sitting on their laurels, though.

News arrived this week (Editor – Late to the party again, eh?) that the expansion to this wonderful game, Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders, would be released on digital platforms and actually before the tabletop version!

According to CGE, the digital release of the expansion will hit all platforms (Google, iOS, and Steam) on September 12 with the price of $4.99 US (what, no Steam increase? That’s cool).

Tabletop gamers shouldn’t worry, though, as it will be released for that version a couple of months later for the nice price of $24.95.

This expansion is going to include a bunch of (Editor – Duh) new leaders and wonders that will give players a lot more options.

Stonehenge (taken from the trailer, posted below), for example, is a new wonder that will give you science equal to the cost for each level of it that you build. That is seriously cool!

There’s also going to be a bunch of new military cards that you can seed into the Event deck (or aggressions you can inflict on your opponents), so the possibilities will be endless!

Ok, not endless, but pretty damned variable!

Not much else has been said about it, but here’s the trailer. It looks very cool and will be a first day digital purchase for me.

Join me and try to build your civilization up enough to master all others in this great game.

And maybe you could hit me up for a game?

The wait for September just got longer…


Ascension: Delerium arrives on the App!

The first day back at work after a month off is always going to be hard. I wouldn’t know normally because I’ve never done it until this month.

While it wasn’t too hard to get back into the swing of things, it was kind of depressing to be going back to it after enjoying myself for so long.

What could make a day like that better?

How about news that the next Ascension digital expansion was released today by Playdek!

Asc - Delerium - Monster
He’s a mean mother!

Ascension: Delerium is a new set for the digital Ascension app (it came out on tabletop in 2018) and while I’ve only played it a couple of times so far, it adds some interesting wrinkles.

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Raiders of the North Sea digital releases July 30!

The July vacation continues (what, you didn’t think I was avoiding posting for some other reason, did you?), but I couldn’t let this one pass when I heard about it.

Raiders of the North Sea is one of my favourite games of all time, and the news that it was coming out on digital at some point was really exciting!

But then all went dark and we didn’t hear any news.

Until yesterday, that is.


I haven’t been keeping up with things as much as I normally do while I’ve been away, but I think this is a surprise announcement.

Dire Wolf Digital announced that it will be coming out on Tuesday, July 30. My brain is a bit vacation-addled, but I think that’s next week!


It will be very neat to finally be playing this on my mobile devices and perhaps even on Steam (not sure if I’m going to double dip or not yet).

It will be coming to the following devices, though: iOS, Android, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

No word on pricing yet. It’s available to wishlist on Steam right now if you want, but no price listed there either.

I’ll try and get a review up fairly quickly next week (along with some other stuff since I’ve, you know, been away for almost a month).

What do you think of this game? Will you get it on one of your digital devices?

Any other thoughts?

And now, back our regularly scheduled Oregon Coast sunset.


See you next week!

Fluxx Returning to Mobile Platforms July 18

When I first bought an iPhone way back in the day (maybe it was 6 or even 30 years ago?), one of the first boardgame apps I saw and downloaded was the Looney Labs insane card game Fluxx

I know Fluxx gets a bad rap, and I would sometimes say rightly so, as being an insane card game that can just go on forever.

The basic rules are that you draw a card and play a card. The game isn’t won until one of the win conditions that have been played is satisfied (so actually there are no win conditions until somebody has played one). So it could be quick or it could take hours.

The thing about Fluxx is that some of the cards you play adjust the rules. Maybe you’ll play a card that will limit players’ hand sizes. Or maybe it will be “draw 1, play 2” cards. These rules stay in effect until they are removed.

While I’m posting an image from the old game, I have no idea what the upgraded graphics will look like, if any change

You can also play victory condition cards that will change what you’re trying to do, or what have you.

It’s a chaotic game, and I found it fun on iOS when it was produced by Playdek. At the time, it was only out on iOS.

It was a casualty of the iOS “App-ocalypse” when suddenly all apps had to be 64-bit or they wouldn’t run under the new operating system. It disappeared from the app store without much fuss.

It didn’t seem like it was that big of a seller for Playdek so nobody expected it to come back.

Playdek has now announced that we were wrong to doubt them.

Fluxx will be back in the App Store (and also on Google Play for the first time) on July 18!

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Terraforming Mars is in mobile beta – and it’s decent!

Something I’m way behind on is telling you that the Terraforming Mars app (that came out to mixed reviews on Steam but I mostly liked) has been in beta on mobile devices for a little while now.

The game is published and developed by Lucky Hammers and Asmodee Digital.

This isn’t a news post, unfortunately, because I think both Android and iOS is full, but I’d like to report back a little bit.

First, I want to say that while it is one of my favourite games, I’m not so well-versed in it that I can say that it definitively gets all the rules right (there have been some threads about these types of issues since the Steam app came out).

However, from what I can see, a number of things seem to be working better than they were on Steam (and maybe the Steam app now has these improvements as well).

First, they’ve added the draft variant! This also appeared on Steam and it is much-needed. I was so happy to play a few games against the AI with the draft variant.

Secondly, online multiplayer seems to be working pretty good, much better than the Steam app (though again, maybe the Steam app updated this as well because frankly I gave up after one game in frustration).

You actually can invite friends to a game without waiting around in the room.  (Like most Asmodee apps, if you just want to play online with people you don’t know, you have to keep the room open until everybody joins).

This was much needed!

TM - Mobile

If I was posting this a week or so ago, I would have been able to say that you even get notifications when it’s your turn!

Sadly, that seems to have crapped out, though. I haven’t received a notification in quite a while. Hopefully that can be fixed!

It still has a maximum of 15 days to finish a game, which works ok if you check fairly regularly. However, I can’t see that working with the draft variant. Each “turn” would be choosing a card. With 10-12 generations, you’re looking at another 30-36 logins!

They really need to add more time.

In addition to this, it really needs to tell you who’s who in your game. It’s not bad in a 2-player game (obviously the person who isn’t you is the other player), but in a 3 or 4-player game, it would be nice to know if Jim is Thorgate or if Bob is.

TM - Mobile 2
I love how the language of the game name is in the creator’s native language.

Finally, even when we did receive turn notifications, you had no idea which game the turn was from! Now, with no notifications, I have to check all three just to make sure I’m not missing something.

This, along with the notifications, really needs to change as well.

Overall, though, I’m liking the mobile version of the game. I like playing it on the go, and I hope that many of the issues that we’ve brought up are addressed before it goes into general release.

I haven’t had it crash yet, which is also a plus.

It looks really good on my phone and iPad.

Here’s hoping!

Are you in the beta? Maybe hit me up for a game!