New Expansion for Fallout: the Boardgame Coming

What, it’s July 13 and I haven’t posted anything in July yet?

My apologies for my tardiness.

How about some Fallout news?

I played the base Fallout boardgame at the Terminal City Tabletop Convention back in March, and it was a fun game. Went on a bit too long, but I think with more plays it would be very great and cut down on the time issue.

Being a big fan of the video game helps.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new expansion for the game coming out in the fourth quarter of 2018!

All images taken from the FFG article

The New California expansion appears to go back to the original Fallout video games, with new factions such as the New California Republic coming along to join, or perhaps spar with.

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Fallout: the Boardgame Coming in late 2017

Video games and board games have often had a bit of cross over (though I’m waiting for the First-Person Shooter version of Catan, myself).

Titles like XCom: the Board Game come to mind as games based on video game franchises that actually end up being pretty good games (or so I’ve heard, as I haven’t played this particular one).

So imagine the shouts of glee upon seeing the Fantasy Flight Games announcement that Fallout: the Boardgame is coming in 4th Quarter 2017! I know I did a double take, and started drooling a bit after reading more of the announcement on their site.

(Hat tip to Boardgame Blitz podcaster Crystal for pointing this out on Twitter)


What a cover! (Ok, it’s basically the video game cover, but at a much larger size and thus a much larger “ooooooooo” factor).

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