New to Me – January 2020 (Part 2)

Whew! I’m finally awake again after finishing last week’s Part 1 of my “New to Me Games – January” post.

That really took a lot out of me. It’s been a week and I’m just now recovering!

Excuse me while I hop on my Peloton and limber up for today’s posting.

Peloton high rise
Yes, I live that high up! (And if you want to see a hilarious parody Twitter thread of the Peloton ads, check them out here (where I got this picture from, though no idea where he got it)

My fellow Cult of the New to Me members are very happy after seeing today’s post. There’s a game from 2009 in there! And 2016! Of course, there are a few too many 2019 games on there so there was a little grumbling.

I may have to do something for them for Valentine’s Day.

So, without further adieu (all of my adieu was sold for a tomato at a Chinese market anyway), let’s begin!

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Top 10 Games Played in 2019 (10-6)

It’s that time of year again!

Time to look back at 2019 and see what games I played this year and which ones I definitely want to play again. Also, which ones can be left by the side of the road looking all forlorn because they just aren’t that good.

I had a pretty good year in 2019. I played 107 games 192 times (not each!). Of those 107 games, 63 were new to me, which was a lot of fun. I always love learning new games (and I like to keep my cult members happy).

Surprisingly, I played the exact same number of games (107) in 2018 but 67 of them were new (and I had 201 plays).

Smash Up was my number one game played with 16 plays, followed by 11 plays of Space Base (both of them are work lunchtime game staples, so it’s not surprising).

My most amazing feat, however, was getting Eldritch Horror to the table a whopping 5 times! That includes 4 times in the last two months of the year.

Of course, there are side effects to that.

On Fire

But we endure!

So let’s see what the top 10 games that I played this year are. There may be a few surprises based on last year’s rankings.

I’m nothing if not Walt Whitman.

Please note that this is not the Top 10 games of 2019. I actually did a count, and I only played 20 games published in 2019. Thus, half of them would be on that list if I did that.

No, these are the Top 10 games that I played in 2019.

This post will be broken into two parts, so here are numbers 6-10! (The Top 5 will post on Wednesday)

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New Designer Diary out for Clank in Space: CyberStation 11

Just a quick news post (hasn’t been one of those for a while!) to give you more information on the exciting new Clank in Space (my #3 best game played of all time) expansion, Cyberstation 11.

From Evan’s blog post. Looks very cool!

Designer Evan Lorentz has posted to the Dire Wolf Digital page a lot of information on just how this expansion came about.

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Clank in Space Expands to the Cyber Station 11

It’s no secret that Clank in Space  (designed by Paul Dennen and published by Dire Wolf Digital and Renegade Game Studios) is one of my favourite games and I will always be willing to sit down and play it if I have time.

The Apocalypse expansion really adds to the game, so much so that I will always play with it if possible.

Now comes word that there’s a new expansion coming out in November!

Clank in Space: Cyber Station 11  will add some really cool stuff to the game.

Clank in Space Cyber Station 11
box cover from the Renegade Game Studios web site.

According to Boardgame Geek, this expansion was designed by Evan Lorentz and Tim McKnight.

In Cyber Station 11, you’re no longer trying to steal from Lord Eradikus. Instead, you’re dealing Commander Preon.

Let’s blurb this thing because there’s not a lot of information out there yet.

“Eager to prove her worth to Lord Eradikus, COMMANDER PREON has built a research station on the edge of civilized space. There, she’s developing strange and powerful CYBERWARE — and using all the best of it to augment her own half- mechanical body. “

The expansion will include 40 new cards to add to the deck, as well as a new double-sided playing board (does this mean it’s a board like the original Clank and not a modular piece combined with the rest? Interesting).

You can also install (somehow) cyberware that will give you abilities that work throughout the rest of the game.

Does that mean…asymmetric powers?

I’m very intrigued, and November isn’t that far away.

Let’s hope more information comes out soon.

Keep tabs here for when that happens and you’ll know as soon as I do!


Big News from Dire Wolf Digital Games – Trailers!

There’s just too much to put into a headline!

Previously, Dire Wolf Digital had announced a number of games that they would be putting into digital form over the next year or so.

The first of those games was just released on July 30. Raiders of the North Sea is an amazing app (review coming next week, sorry for the delay).


However, at GenCon in July, they released trailers for three more of these games, all of which I either already love or have really wanted to try on the table.

I’ll point you to the Dire Wolf announcement page for all of the video trailers (I want to send them some traffic), but I have to post the most amazing one of the bunch.

Root is coming out later this year, and if the trailer is any evidence, it already looks wonderful! We’ll see how the gameplay holds up in app form, but given Dire Wolf’s history, I’m expecting big things.

Other games on the Dire Wolf page are Sagrada (full trailer) and a brief look at Reiner Knezia’s Yellow & Yangtze. The latter game I would love to try but haven’t had the chance to.

We all know how much I love Sagrada though.

Good things are coming from Dire Wolf Digital this year, and I for one am chomping at the bit to get these on my iPad.

No word from them on Mage Knight or Wings of Glory, though. Some people are bummed about that.

Let me know what you think of all this in the comments below.

Raiders of the North Sea digital releases July 30!

The July vacation continues (what, you didn’t think I was avoiding posting for some other reason, did you?), but I couldn’t let this one pass when I heard about it.

Raiders of the North Sea is one of my favourite games of all time, and the news that it was coming out on digital at some point was really exciting!

But then all went dark and we didn’t hear any news.

Until yesterday, that is.


I haven’t been keeping up with things as much as I normally do while I’ve been away, but I think this is a surprise announcement.

Dire Wolf Digital announced that it will be coming out on Tuesday, July 30. My brain is a bit vacation-addled, but I think that’s next week!


It will be very neat to finally be playing this on my mobile devices and perhaps even on Steam (not sure if I’m going to double dip or not yet).

It will be coming to the following devices, though: iOS, Android, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

No word on pricing yet. It’s available to wishlist on Steam right now if you want, but no price listed there either.

I’ll try and get a review up fairly quickly next week (along with some other stuff since I’ve, you know, been away for almost a month).

What do you think of this game? Will you get it on one of your digital devices?

Any other thoughts?

And now, back our regularly scheduled Oregon Coast sunset.


See you next week!

Expansion Review – Clank in Space: Apocalypse

Clank in Space is one of my favourite games.

As you would know if you read my Top 25 Games Played of All Time!

While it certainly didn’t need anything additional added to it, there is always room for more cool cards and concepts, and Clank in Space: Apocalypse (Almost forever after just called Apocalypse because I’m a lazy git) delivers that in spades.


Apocalypse is designed by Andy Clautice and Evan Lorentz with art by a number of people (Rayph Beisner, Ralph Beisner, Raul Ramos, Le Rastislav, Nate Storm, Franz Vohwinkel). It’s published by Renegade Games Studios and Dire Wolf Digital and came out in 2018.

How awesome is this expansion?

Well, it falls just short of awesome into the almost awesome category.

Which is still pretty good.

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