Sagrada App – Early Access on Steam – First Look

(Edit 3/31/20) – Sagrada is now out on full release, iOS & Android! It’s $9.99 CDN for me, so maybe $7.99 US? Not sure. It requires you to be in Portrait mode, which I guess makes sense. 

Here’s hoping that notifications work on the mobile platforms (it did ask me if I wanted them enabled, but I’ve been asked that before and still not received them). Dire Wolf told me that Steam notifications would be coming soon. Other Dire Wolf games have great notifications, so I’m confident that this one will too.

It’s unclear if the multiplayer bugs I mention below have been fixed or not. I’ll keep updating this post once I know more.

(original “first look” below)

Dire Wolf Digital has a great history of digital games, from the wonderful Raiders of the North Sea (hey, I should probably review that sometime, eh?) to the very good adaptation of Yellow & Yangtze (I’m not a huge fan of the game itself but the digital adaptation is great!). They’ve also done Lotus (something I’ve reviewed!) and Lanterns (another good app I should probably review at some point)

Recently, Dire Wolf released Floodgate Games‘ excellent stained glass window dice-placement game, Sagrada, on Steam Early Access.

I did a review of the boardgame so I’m not going to go into great detail on how the game plays.



Basically, though, a number of coloured dice are randomly taken from a bag and rolled (2 x the number of players plus one more die). Then, in turn order each player drafts a die to put into their stained glass window pane, following a few rules:

  1. No dice of the same colour or the same number can be placed next to each other.
  2. You must place the die adjacent (even diagonally) to a die that’s already in your window.
  3. You must follow any placement restrictions on your window (if a square has a colour, the die placed there must be of that colour; same with a number)

Once each player has chosen, then players choose again in reverse order (so the last player chooses two dice in a row).

Do that for 10 rounds and score.

Go to the review for more detail on how to play.

How is the app?

Let’s take a look.

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New to Me – January 2020 (Part 1)

It’s a brand new year! And this time, I can actually say that while talking about 2020 games (unlike last month).

January was a busy month for new-to-me games. I went to two conventions on back-to-back weekends (that was a lot of fun but also very tiring). At least they weren’t long drives!


I did kind of feel a bit out of it after the second one, though.

The Cult of the New to Me was really happy with me, though. There weren’t even any attempted coups!

Maybe a few too many 2019 games for their tastes, but there are a number of 2017 and 2018 games in there (and even a 2009 game in the next part!)

Next part?

Yes, I said next part.

I played a grand total of 28 games in January (34 plays). Fifteen of them were new to me games. There is no way all of them are going to fit in one post.

Thus, this is only Part 1.

Part 2 will be coming.

This also means that the descriptions of the games will probably be a bit briefer than usual. Maybe I should actually do that for all of these posts.

We’ll see.

So without further adieu (all of my adieu was traded for some water on an alien planet anyway), let’s get started!

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New to Me – December 2019

Happy New Year!

As we start the new year here at the Cult of the New to Me, we want to look back at the previous month, because looking back is what we do!

That’s right. We never talk about the new to me games that we’re going to play. We always look at what we just did.

Some would say that we’re stuck in the past, but I say those who don’t study the past are doomed to repeat it!

Yes, I just made that up. Insightful, isn’t it? (Editor – Hey, Dave. George Santayana on Line 1)

I think I’m pretty much as insightful as Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln Quotes

Anyway, we do like to look back here at Cult Headquarters, and right now we’re looking back at December!

So without further adieu (all of my adieu got traded at some Baghdad market stall for a gold guild ring anyway), let’s get this show on the road!

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New to Me – September 2019

It had been a quiet September at Dude Central. There was a birthday party that nobody came to (it’s not my fault I accidentally put September 9, 2018 on the invitations. How was I supposed to know that everybody would actually look at the year and think the party had already happened?)

My birthday post did get some traffic, though, so that was nice.

There was almost an insurrection (yet again) because the only three new to me games had been from 2018 and 2019.

The Cult of the New to Me was not happy.

There was a lot of yelling!


But then, just as the month was about to end, I played a 2016 game and a classic from 2009.

Everybody was happy (or at least appeased) and we could all go down to the bar and drink our mineral waters.

Until next month, at least.

So, without further adieu (I had to use all of my adieu to turn the power back on anyway), let’s begin!

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Deciding on Buying a Game – Crystal Palace

One of the things about us gamers are that, yes I know it may sound strange to you, we all like to buy games.

Some much more than others!  But even those who are successful in curbing their game buying (or acquiring them in some other manner) still like to buy them. I’m sure they do get at least a little bit of a thrill when they pick up a new game, undo the shrinkwrap, open it (and sniff that new game freshness!!!!), and start punching counters.

I’ve gone through long periods where I’ve successfully fought that urge, and then some periods like recently where I totally succumbed.

Something I’ve never really thought deeply about, though, is how we make these game-buying decisions. It’s not always just a basic “oh, that game looks cool” or “I’ve played this before and want it in my collection” thought process.

Sometimes it’s back and forth like a point in a Bianca Andreescu tennis match (and welcome to all of you who came here after Googling her name! Stay for the boardgame content, please! We have cookies.)

I recently received a newsletter email from Capstone Games, and in it was mentioned a new game coming out in November called Crystal Palace.


It’s a game designed by Carsten Lauber about the World’s Fair in 1851 London.

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