Expansion Review – Smash Up: What Were We Thinking?

Another day, another Smash Up expansion.

This is becoming almost a weekly thing! Or maybe it just seems that way.

Anyway, with my latest expansion acquisition (not the latest expansion period, since I am nothing if not eclectic (Editor: You mean random, right?) in my Smash Up buying habits).

Still haven’t come up with the meta joke yet to open these reviews, but I guess that will probably happen with the last one.

Ain’t that always the way!


My latest expansion is What Were We Thinking? The expansion is once again designed by the illustrious (and probably extremely handsome) Paul Peterson with art this time by Alberto Tavira, Marcel Stobinski, Gong Studios, and Francisco Rico Torres. It is once again published by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) and was released in 2017.

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Review – Sentient

The Robot Revolution is upon us. Soon, robots will be taking over our lives, providing us with every luxury, moving us around, serving us, fighting our wars, and all of that good stuff.

And our economy will tank because nobody’s actually working.

Then we’ll be ripe for the picking. Skynet is giggling gleefully.

Maybe because of the wrecked economy is why there is actually no money in the Sentient game?

Food for thought.

But I digress.


Sentient is a 2-4 player game designed by J. Alex Kevern with art by Anita Osburn, Chris Ostrowski, and Gordon Tucker. It’s published by Renegade Games and came out in 2017.

And it is a really simple brain-burner, depending on how you feel about arithmetic.

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Arboretum Coming from Renegade

I know what you’re thinking.

Two posts in one day? Really? Dave, are you sick?

As I was finishing today’s review, I received an interesting email with exciting news, especially since it refers to a really hard-to-get game that I played for the first time recently and really enjoyed. I couldn’t wait to share it.

Yes, the brilliant Arboretum card game (designed by Dan Cassar and originally published by ZMan Games back in 2015) is being published by Renegade Games Studio and coming out in Autumn 2018!

Wonderful logo! Taken from the Renegade Games Studios site

This game of tree-growing and vicious back-stabbing gardeners is very highly-regarded and I was excited when I finally got to play it back in March.

It lived up to its reputation.

But it’s so hard to find!

Not for much longer.

This new edition will have brand new art by the wonderful Beth Sobel. The new edition will have the same rules, but some new types of trees will be on the cards and the game will be made more color-blind friendly, which is definitely a plus.

I can’t wait to see images from this version of the game.

Here’s a picture from the previous version, just to give you an idea.

Arboretum - Trees
I need a robotic hand for these pictures.

Until then, we’ll have to settle for that great logo above and wait with great anticipation for Autumn to come.

Arboretum is expected to retail for $20.


Review – Fugitive

I’ve been told that, as I get older, I’m going to look a lot like Tommy Lee Jones, only with more wrinkles (Editor: Talking to yourself doesn’t count).

Fugitive Jones

Why do I bring that up here, other than to let you know that I’m kind of delusional?

Because I just played Fugitive, the 2-player card game designed by Tim Fowers with art by Ryan Goldsberry and published by Fowers Games.

Fugitive box
The glare demonstrates the light of justice shining down on the evil criminal

This card game, published all the way back in 2017, pits one marshal against a fugitive who is trying to escape the long arm of the law.

(You also get bonus points if the fugitive denies doing the crime and you say “I don’t care” in that Tommy Lee Jones way)

Let’s see how this works.

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Expansion Review – Smash Up: Cease and Desist

If I keep on getting and reviewing Smash Up expansions, I’m going to have to come up with some creative openings that don’t all sound the same. Maybe make up some meta joke that will carry throughout the reviews? Not sure on that one.

I’ll get back to you.

Hot on the heels of the Science Fiction Double Feature expansion review, let’s talk about an even better one.


Cease and Desist is probably one of the funniest expansions I have seen for this game (I’ve seen them all, just not in action). It comes this close to being copyright infringement, but in such a hilarious way that I’m sure the executives at HBO/CBS/Lucasfilm/Hasbro are laughing their asses off rather than trying to fight through the parody laws.

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Expansion Review – Smash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature

As I’ve stated a few times before, Smash Up and I have a bit of a checked history. I actually almost traded it away because I found it fiddly and didn’t really care for it.

Then I played it again and something just clicked. Not sure what it was. Now I really love it.

Since that point, I have bought a couple of expansions and really enjoyed them.

This review is for the Science Fiction Double Feature expansion.


As with the base game, Science Fiction Double Feature is designed by Paul Peterson, this time with art by Víctor Pérez Corbella, Igor Heras, Wen Juinn, and  Brynn Metheney. It’s published by Alderac Entertainment Group.

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Review – The Fox in the Forest

I’m a big fan of trick-taking games, most especially the wonderful game Diamonds.

But what happens when you’re sitting there with only one person, trying to figure out what game to play? You’re both fans of trick-taking games, but there are only two of you. No trick-taking games work with two.

What can you do?


Suddenly, an annoying-looking man appears with a Shamwow. And with a game that will suit your needs!

Fox in Forest box
That’s a sly-looking fox

That game would be The Fox in the Forest, designed by Joshua Buergel, with art by Jennifer L. Meyer and Keith Pishnery, and published by Foxtrot Games and Renegade Game Studios. It was published in 2017.

This is a two-player trick-taking game that overcomes all of the limitations in regards to why trick-taking games are terrible with two players.

Let’s see how it works.

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