Werewolves Join the Legacy Movement

Bezier Games is really killing it recently, and they have yet another announcement today.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy is designed by Ted Alspach and Rob Daviau, and it’s going to be coming out around GenCon this year. It’s another permutation of the Werewolf franchise.

Werewolf Legacy

What is the legacy element?

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Werewords Deluxe Now on Kickstarter!

Longtime readers of this blog (hi Bob!) will remember from a couple of weeks ago my post about Werewords Deluxe and how it was coming to Kickstarter on March 5 from Bezier Games.

Unless I’m in some kind of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey sort of situation, I think today is March 5.

Checking Kickstarter, I do indeed see Werewords Deluxe on there!

WWDX-Box-cover-preview-front only-

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Whistle Stop Puts Mountains in Your Way

Whistle Stop is a relatively light train game published by Bezier Games that unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to play yet, mainly due to a lack of opportunity.

Designer Scott Caputo has not let the fact that I haven’t played it yet stop him from coming up with a new expansion – Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains.

Whistle Stop Rocky Mountains box

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Q & A – Ted Alspach

Ted Alspach is one of my favourite game designers out there. His first design that I fell in love with was Suburbia, with it’s interesting tile-laying mechanic where you have to attention to what others are building in their suburb as well.

Little did I know at the time that Ted has an extensive game design history that dates back to 2005. Ted has designed a large number of Age of Steam expansions plus many original games such as Ultimate Werewolf, Start Player, Colony and too many others to list.

With yesterday’s announcement of Werewords Deluxe coming to Kickstarter in March, I thought it would be nice to hear Ted talk about the campaign as well as some of his older games as well.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


The new Deluxe Edition of Werewords sounds really exciting. One of the items in the announcement mentions the fact that the Deluxe Edition “addresses issues gamers had with the original production.” What were some of these issues and how does the Deluxe Edition address them?

The one thing we heard consistently from players was that they didn’t like the artwork. We had gone with a more casual, freeform cartoon drawing style, and while artwork is always subjective, more people didn’t like it than did. So that was one of the first things we worked on; finding an art style that was more appealing, yet still stayed true to the more whimsical, light feel that represents the gameplay in Werewords. The resulting artwork from up-and-coming artist Roland MacDonald (Stop Thief!, Kaiju Crush, Escape Room: The Game) really hits the mark there:

Werewords Deluxe artwork

Of course, it includes the new “disco wolf” which really is a werewolf raising his paw with an extended finger to ask a question of the Mayor, but still…he does look like he has some great moves, too!

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Bezier Games Announces Werewords Deluxe

Have you had enough Werewords in your life? You know, that hit hidden-role word game where players are trying to guess a word but not get eaten by the werewolf?

Bezier Games doesn’t think it’s possible to have had enough.

They have just announced the new Deluxe version of Werewords, still designed by Ted Alspach, launching on Kickstarter on March 5, 2018.


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Top 10 Games Played in 2017 (10-6)

It’s the end of the year, and everybody in the boardgaming world is doing their “top picks of 2017” or some other variation of that.

However, I don’t play enough brand new games to make a list like that. This year was a record-breaking year with me playing 18 games that came out in 2017. Given that, though, over half of the games would be on the top ten list, and that really isn’t that interesting of a list, is it?

So instead, just like last year (on a different blog than this one), I’m going to do the “Top 10 Games Played in 2017” instead. I played a grand total of 101 games, so I think this can be a pretty good list.

This does not include any games that I only played online or in app form, so games like Race for the Galaxy and the like won’t be there (even though that app is killer and you should definitely buy it).

Did Queendomino make the list? Wait and see. It was the final game I played in 2017

To prevent a too-long post, I’m splitting the list in two, and I had enough games that I was considering for my top 10 that I may even do an appendix as well.

So without further adieu, here are numbers 6-10!

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Review – New York Slice

Do you see a pizza dripping with cheese and toppings and start to salivate?

Of course you do.

(I believe that pizza-haters are a myth propagated by Big Diet)

So what game could be more perfect for a lunch-time gaming session than New York Slice?

New York Slice
You can buy the game in 30 minutes or it’s free (Note: this has not been endorsed by Bezier Games)

New York Slice is a game designed by Jeffrey D. Allers with art by Stephanie Gustafsson and John Kaufmann, published in 2017 by Bezier Games.

The game plays 2-6 players.

The game is one of those “I split, you choose” games which I didn’t realize was a thing until I saw this one (though I know that it’s also been used before).

So how does it work?

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