App Review – Tides of Time

There’s something to be said for seeing ages and ages of the world and society appear and disappear in the span of, oh, say, five minutes.

What’s that you say? How is that possible?


In a surprise announcement two weeks ago, Portal Games let everybody know that their 2-player card game from 2015, Tides of Time, would be coming out on iOS and Android last week.

Sure enough, it showed up on Friday and I quickly downloaded it and took it for a spin.

The quick-playing card game designed by Kristian Čurla with art by Tomasz Jedruszek, Chris Ostrowski, Dan Pellow, Blake Rottinger, Artur Sadlos and Rafał Szyma was published by Portal Games (hey, I think I’ve heard of them!).

How does it play?

Let’s take a look.

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Galaxy Trucker Ships Out to Steam

Yesterday, one of the best boardgame apps ever made finally appeared on Steam after a long period on iOS/Android.

Galaxy Trucker, by Czech Games Edition, is a game that doesn’t really seem like it would be a good fit on digital.

It’s a real-time grabbing of ship parts, old pipes, batteries, and other crap in order to make a ship that will go out on a mission to find goods and deliver them somewhere.

Galaxy Trucker 3
What an ugly-looking ship.

The tabletop game has a bunch of tiles face-down on the table and everybody grabs stuff willy-nilly to try and make the best ship as possible. You’re taking tiles, looking at them, trying to decide whether or not it will fit in your ship, and then either putting it back, putting it “on hold” for later, or putting it on your ship. As soon as you look at another tile, the piece you put on your ship or in your storage is locked. You can’t get rid of it.

The real-time element is why I’ve never been a fan of it.

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App Review – Mystic Vale

This year has been a big year for digital boardgames already, just two months in.

(Editor – Not that you would have heard about it reading this blog)

One game that’s sort of left over from last year, but just had the first expansion quietly slip onto Steam to join its base game, is Mystic Vale by Alderac Entertainment Group.

The game, designed by John D. Clair with art by…well, a lot of people (all right, I’ll list them: Ralf Berszuck, Storn Cook, Andrew Gaia, Katherine Guevara, Heather Kreiter, Kiri Østergaard Leonard, Matt Paquette, Kiki Moch Rizky and Martin de Diego Sádaba) was developed for Steam by Nomad Games, developers of the awesome Talisman and Cat Lady app.

Mystic Vale - StartCurrently, the game is only available on Steam but iOS/Android is planned in the future. The first expansion, Vale of Magic just released to little fanfare, which is too bad because it adds some good cards.

But this is a review of the base app, and it’s a great one.

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App Review – Morels

I don’t like mushrooms.

Just imagining the texture and tasting them makes my skin crawl a little bit. I used to pick them off of my Supreme pizza, though now if I happen to get a piece of Supreme, I’ll grin and bear it because usually the other toppings cover up the taste.

Who would have thought that I might like a game about mushrooms, though?

Morels (2012 – Two Lanterns Games) was just released by Mossbark Games for iOS and Android devices, and it is a very polished app.

Morels - Main

Morels is a 2-player card game about mushrooms. Collecting them, cooking them, turning them in for foraging sticks, and avoiding the Destroying Angels that might come up.

Yummy! (Editor – Now try saying that without the grimace)

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Mystic Vale Grows onto Steam – Early Access

We heard back in June that Nomad Games would be doing a number of Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) titles.

These titles included Cat Lady (recently released this month during my blog hiatus), Space Base (an awesome game), and the card-crafting game Mystic Vale.

Imagine my surprise when I heard from the illustrious Stately Play site (really, the luster just shines!) that Mystic Vale has hit Steam in Early Access.

That was welcome news to a lot of fans (including me, who had played it once and really wanted to try it again). 

Of course, “early access” means that while it’s certainly playable and everything, there could definitely be bugs. You may essentially be beta testing it (though it’s probably past that stage, there will still be issues with it I’m sure).

It all makes sense…eventually

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Ascension – Valley of the Ancients drops on Digital

Hi, my name is Dave.

And I’m an Ascension addict.

Ascension - Profile
I’m sure I haven’t even played as many games as some of my friends have.

I had a sponsor who was helping me with it, but when I showed him my online profile and the number of games I’ve played, he ran away screaming.

I’m not sure how to take that.

Anyway, I was about to head to bed last night, when somebody mentioned that the latest digital expansion for Ascension, published by Playdek and Asmodee Digital (Editor – Them again?) had dropped unexpectedly.

I quickly downloaded it and devoured a couple of games.

What does this new expansion bring?

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App Review – Terraforming Mars – Steam

Digital boardgamers have waited with bated breath since it was announced that Terraforming Mars was coming to Steam and (eventually) to mobile devices, brought to you by Asmodee Digital and Lucky Hammers.

As anticipation ramped up and a release date was set, people were starting to hold their breath (the hospitalization rate was staggering, so I’ve been told).

Dave, the wonderful (and very well-groomed, from what I’ve heard) proprietor over at the Stately Play web site, even posted a glowing review of it the day before it launched.

Now that I’ve been able to dig into it some myself, does it hold up to all of this praise and anticipation? (Editor – Don’t look at Reddit or the Steam public reviews)

I’d say yes, but with some caveats.

TFM - Map
Mars is very…red.

Let’s see how it works, first.

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